EEOC Initiates Paperless Online Charge System

On May 6, 2015, the EEOC announced that a dozen of its field offices will initiate a beta test of an online system for the filing of Charges. Under the new program employers will only receive an email notifying them that a Charge has been filed. They will not receive a paper copy of the Charge or Notice of Charge. The electronic notice will provide a link to an online site containing information about the Charge. The online site will allow employers to:
  • read and print copies of the Charge;
  • submit responsive information to the EEOC;
  • communicate with the investigator handling the Charge;
If an employer does not provide the EEOC with the email address of a designated contact person, the EEOC will send the employer a paper notice of Charge and information for logging on to the online portal. Employers should proactively identify a specific EEOC point person and provide the EEOC with that persons email. It will be important that the employer-designee check their in-box for new EEOC Charges frequently if and when the program is expanded to Louisiana. Thus far, the EEOC offices in New Orleans, Houston and Dallas are not part of this new online program.
The EEOC has indicated that employers may be allowed to choose to not participate in the online Charge process and continue to receive paper Charges, at least for a while.

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