Most Common Hiring Pitfalls

Although each new-hire is different, every interview and hiring decision presents similar issues and risks. Many of the risks inherent in the hiring process can be minimized by the use of a standard interview script for each position. This will not only assure that all applicants are treated the same, thus reducing the chances of a discrimination claim, but it will also help ensure that the person conducting the interview avoids many of the “taboo” questions and topics. Below are some of the most common issues to be avoided during an interview. Continue reading “Most Common Hiring Pitfalls”

Get Ready the Minimum Required Salary for an Exempt Employee is About to Double

On June 30, 2015 the Department of Labor issued its long-anticipated Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPR) updating the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) regulations governing white-collar employees.

The FLSA requires that all non-exempt employees be paid time and a half their regular rate of pay for all hours worked over forty in a work week. The FLSA provides specific exemptions to this overtime requirement for executive, administrative, professional, outside sales and some computer employees. The two key components of the exemptions are that: 1. the employee must be paid on a salary basis of at least a minimum amount, and 2. the employee’s job must generally be comprised of exempt duties. Thus, we have traditionally referred to the “salary” and “duties” tests when discussing white collar exemptions. Both tests must generally be satisfied in order for an employee to be classified as exempt. Continue reading “Get Ready the Minimum Required Salary for an Exempt Employee is About to Double”